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Contact Lens Fittings

This includes full eye suitability check for contact lenses with a wide range of lenses available to trial.

Fitting includes discussing your visual and lifestyle requirements, an eye examination to make sure your eyes are healthy and find out if you’re suitable, and measurements of your eyes to ensure the best lens type, fit and vision, before trying lenses. You will also be given further regular aftercare and suitable information on how to handle and care for your new lenses.

Frequently asked Questions
A contact lens fitting is an appointment to assess your suitability for contact lenses.

In this appointment, the optometrist will ask you a series of questions relating to your day to day life and will work out what lens type will best suit your lifestyle.

The optometrist will also carry out several checks which include;
  • Examining the front surface of your eyes
  • Test your vision on a chart
  • Take measurements of the front surface of your eyes
Once the optometrist has carried out all the necessary checks and selected the most suitable lens type and prescription for you, they will put a pair of lenses in your eyes for you to try.

Before you take your lenses away, your optometrist or a trained member of their team will show you how to insert and remove your lenses and give you important information on how to look after them.